Happy Mother’s Day to Our Promise Mamas!
We know you are not simply “mom”; you are teacher, nurse, provider, protector, confidant, playmate, and best friend. You wipe noses and bottoms, elicit smiles and giggles, caress heads, and soothe hearts. You have just the right snacks, always know what to say, and you make a little magic happen every day.
What You Need to Know About COVID-19 and Pregnancy
As we walk through the uncertain territory of the recent days with the coronavirus, we want to pass along some helpful information and send some encouragement your way.
Last Month of Pregnancy Checklist
Your world is about to be changed forever! Anticipating the coming of your new little one is exciting but if you are a first time mom, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. No worries mom-to-be, you’ve got this.  Here is a...
Folic Acid- The Wonder Supplement of Pregnancy
If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, taking folic acid will help you stay healthy and help your baby’s development.  Benefits for Baby: Folic acid helps to prevent birth defects like neural tubes, birth defects of the spinal...
DHA Omega-3 Benefits
There’s nothing fishy about it!  DHA Omega 3 is the mega omega when it comes to baby’s development. When a pregnant or nursing woman takes DHA Omega 3 on a daily basis, she is helping her child’s brain, eye, central...