1. Why should I choose Promise Prenatal over other prenatal vitamins?

Promise Prenatal is designed with 5 formulas uniquely developed for each stage of your pregnancy including; Fertility, 1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, 3rd Trimester, and Breastfeeding. This gives Promise Prenatal an advantage over prenatal vitamins that depend on one formulation to carry you through your entire pregnancy. The latest FDA recommendations show that women need different amounts of vitamins and minerals before, during, and after pregnancy.

2. How do you ship the right formula for my current stage of pregnancy?

Our customer care specialists make sure that you get the right amount of each Promise Prenatal Stage depending on your week of pregnancy and the amount you order. This is determined by the week of pregnancy you choose when checking out. If your order spans over more than one stage of pregnancy, you will receive two different formulas.

3. How can Promise Prenatal help with morning sickness?

Morning sickness is most apparent in the first trimester. Research has shown that vitamin B6 may help curb morning sickness and it is well known that iron can irritate your stomach. Promise Prenatal- Stage One (designed for your first trimester) includes extra Vitamin B6 and less iron to minimize nausea. Iron is needed at higher levels in the second and third trimesters when anemia becomes more common.

4. What information can I give my obstetrician about Promise Prenatal?

We have pharmaceutical representatives who inform healthcare providers about our products and leave samples. If your obstetrician would like more information about our company or our products, please have him or her visit our web site at www.biotegrity.com. There is a link for healthcare providers that offers them more information and an opportunity to order samples for medical offices.

5.  How can I be sure that Promise Prenatal is made with the highest quality ingredients?

Biotegrity Corporation is dedicated to providing the utmost quality in all of our products. We adhere to the strictest guidelines and all of our products are manufactured according to GMP's "good manufacturing practices" in an FDA drug-licensed facility. The vitamins and minerals we use follow United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) quality standards. When you order Promise Prenatal, you can be sure that EVERY capsule you take will contain the same ingredients that are listed on the label, in the highest quality formulation available.

6.  How does auto-ship work?

Auto-shipments can be selected in your shopping cart, and allow you to receive your Promise products every 30 or 90 days, hassle free. By choosing the auto-ship option, you'll always have the right Stage of prenatal vitamins available throughout your pregnancy with only one order. When your initial order is about to run out, we send a notification email five days before your next shipment is sent. You will then have the chance to cancel, delay, or change your upcoming shipment. If you choose to do nothing, we will automatically ship a new supply of the correct amount of each Stage depending on your week of pregnancy at that time. We use the same payment information used for your initial order.