Memoir from the 3rd and Final Trimester

Whew, ladies. I just hit 37 weeks! I’m in the third trimester and at the tail end of my second pregnancy journey. I remember reaching this stage with my son as well and it’s an explosion of feelings, both mentally and physically. The closer you get the more done you seem to feel physically. I feel like an overdone turkey at this point and time and I have started waddling like one too. Your limbs might be swollen, you no longer remember what your toes look like, your back is aching and your pelvis is definitely feeling the pressure of that growing baby bundle pushing down on it. Oh, and trying to sleep between the back aches, giant belly and excitement…forget about it! Recently I’ve spent many nights and early mornings trying to wrap up those intense nesting urges.

The concopahy of emotions and thoughts that flood your mind towards the end of the pregnancy can be overwhelming to process. I’m alternating between ecstatic excitement at meeting and holding my precious baby girl in my arms for the first time to being nervous about the birthing experience. I am also flooded with worry about incorporating a newborn into our busy and already chaotic lives with a toddler. In addition many moms, including myself, at this point in their pregnancy are trying to balance getting as prepared as possible for a newborn with trying to relax and soak up their time prior to having a newborn.

Like I said before there is a lot happening physically and mentally for a mama at the end of her pregnancy. And while it’s important that both you and your baby prep and practice for this exciting new chapter in your lives together, it is very important that you, mama, take time for yourself.

Set aside some time daily to slow down and breathe. Meditate on how you and your baby have grown together. Take time to connect with your little bundle of joy daily. Pick out positive affirmations that you connect with and tell yourself everyday before, and then during labor to allow yourself to have a positive and wonderful labor experience. The ones that I have really connected with are “I am strong,” “This experience is beautiful” and “My baby and body will guide me through the birthing process.” These daily affirmations help melt away my anxiety when it starts to creep up. In addition, try to balance your body and minds current needs. I know mamas, that can be tricky, especially if you are working and/or have kids. I get it. What has helped me with this is calculating how much “extra” time I have to set aside and I split that in half. I spend half of that time taking care of my nesting urges to ease my stress and anxiety and half my time soaking up my current life as a family of three.

Remember ladies we’ve got this! Give yourself grace and love and listen to what your body and mind is telling you throughout your pregnancy. If you are in the final trimester you are almost done with this stage of a very beautiful and miraculous journey. You and your baby have grown so much and your journey of growing and learning together has only just begun. All of us here at Promise Prenatal are here for you and your baby(s) throughout this wonderful transition. Our third trimester vitamins, minerals, teas and products are lovingly and especially designed to help you prep and prepare for your unique labor journey.

Courtney Bunn, Seattle Washington- Lifestyle and Mom Blogger

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