Ovulation Calculator

<!--?php /* This calculator is your for free by Calendarscripts.info. You have no obligations for anything - you can modify, redistribute, sell it or whatever you want to do. We will appreciate if you don't remove the link at the bottom, but that's not required. */ /* Feel free to modify the CSS and the texts below. - no problem at all. Just don't touch the PHP code or the specual codes which are surrounded with %% unless you know what you are doing. */ /* Version 1.1 released on Nov 7, 2011*/ ?--> <style type="text/css"> .calculator_table { font-size:11px; font-family:verdana, arial, sans-serif; border:2pt solid #4444FF; padding:25px; width:300px; } </style> <!--?php if(!empty($_POST['calculator_ok'])): //last cycle date $date="$_POST[dateyear]-$_POST[datemonth]-$_POST[dateday]"; //convert to time $lasttime=mktime(0,0,0,$_POST['datemonth'],$_POST['dateday'],$_POST['dateyear']); // next period start $next_period=$lasttime + $_POST['days']*24*3600; $next_period=date("F d, Y",$next_period); //first fertile day $firstdaytime=$lasttime + $_POST['days']*24*3600 - 16*24*3600; $firstday=date("F d, Y",$firstdaytime); //last fertile day $lastdaytime=$lasttime + $_POST['days']*24*3600 - 12*24*3600; $lastday=date("F d, Y",$lastdaytime); //have to adjust due date? $diff=$_POST['days'] - 28; //due date $date + 280 days $duedatetime=$lasttime + 280*24*3600 + $diff*24*3600; $duedate=date("F d, Y",$duedatetime); ?--> <div class="calculator_table"> <p>Here are the results based on the information you provided:</p> <p>Your next <b>menstrual period</b> is expected to start on <strong><!--?php echo $next_period?--></strong>.</p> <p>You next <b>most fertile</b> period is <strong><!--?php echo $firstday?--> to <!--?php echo $lastday?--></strong>.</p> <p>If you conceive within this timeframe, your estimated <b>due date</b> will be <strong><!--?php echo $duedate?--></strong>.</p> <p align="center"><input value="Calculate again!" onclick="window.location='http://<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];?><?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']?>'" type="button"></p> </div> <!--?php else: //the calculator comes here ?--> <div class="calculator_table"> <form method="post"> <p>Please select the first day of your last menstrual period:</p> <p><!--?php echo date_chooser("date",date("Y-m-d"))?--></p> <p>Usual number of days in your period: <select name="days"> <!--?php for($i=20;$i<=45;$i++) { if($i==28) $selected='selected="true"'; else $selected=''; echo "<option $selected value='$i'-->$i"; } ?&gt; </select></p> <p align="center"><input name="calculator_ok" value="Calculate" type="submit"></p> </form> </div> <!--?php endif; //to print a date chooser - get name and value in mysql date format function date_chooser($name,$value="") { $months=array('','January','February','March','April','May','June','July','August', 'September','October','November','December'); if(empty($value)) $value=date("Y-m-d"); $parts=explode("-",$value); $day=$parts[2]+0; $month=$parts[1]+0; $year=$parts[0]; $chooser=""; $chooser.="<select name='".$name."month'-->"; for($i=1;$i&lt;=12;$i++) { if($i==$month) $selected='selected="true"'; else $selected=''; $chooser.="<option $selected="" value="$i">$months[$i]</option>"; } $chooser.=" / "; $chooser.="<select name="&quot;.$name.&quot;day">"; for($i=1;$i&lt;=31;$i++) { if($i==$day) $selected='selected'; else $selected=''; $chooser.="<option $selected="" value="$i">$i</option>"; } $chooser.="</select> / "; $chooser.="<select name="&quot;.$name.&quot;year">"; for($i=(date("Y")-1);$i&lt;=2050;$i++) { if($i==$year) $selected='selected'; else $selected=''; $chooser.="<option $selected="">$i</option>"; } $chooser.="</select> "; return $chooser; } ?&gt;