How We Give, Thanks to YOU!

With every purchase, we donate a bottle of prenatal vitamins to a woman in need in areas suffering from malnutrition or severe poverty.

The Promise Love Campaign has been a vision of the Promise founders from the very beginning, and it launched along with the company twenty years ago. Born out of a desire to help women around the world, the early days of the campaign involved vitamin donations to local pregnancy centers. Since then, pregnancy centers in nine countries receive support from Promise through our partnership with Beautiful Feet International. Women in Costa Rica, Cuba, Togo, Uganda, Mexico, Chile, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Tanzania are benefiting from the opportunity to have a healthier pregnancy.  Our founders say it best, “we believe every woman deserves a safe and healthy pregnancy, not just the ones who can afford it.”

The Promise Love Campaign has also expanded to include financial support for Seeds of Hope International. This non-profit organization does work in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Pakistan. Their mission focuses on restoring communities and protecting young people from drug and alcohol addiction, sex trafficking and exploitation, gang violence, and other dangers. A portion of each purchase you make from Promise goes to help Seeds of Hope International in their fight against human trafficking.

The Promise Love Campaign would not be possible without you, we are always so grateful for your support. It is truly the heart of the company, and our mission to help women feel loved and protected and for unborn babies to have the best possible start in life.