The warm touch of the sun, the smell of sunscreen and the popsicle lip stain on my toddler are key indicators that the weather is changing. We are approaching summer! Summertime is a time of freedom and play. It’s a time to explore, relax and let loose.

The changing seasons also remind me of the incredible and innumerable changes that mothers go through. From the second line on the indicator, to the belly dances of your tiny dancer in your womb, to the delivery of your precious bundle and so much more. The idea and thought of change is scary to many. People are naturally resistant to change. And yet mothers are constantly changing and adapting to provide the best care for their family.

We undergo incredible physical change as mothers. Our bodies adapt and our bellies grow to provide support and love to our babies in our womb. Our bodies change to protect us and to help give safe passage, for our babies, to this world. Our bodies transform to provide nutrients to our growing babies. As our babies discover the world our bodies adapt to run on less sleep and to move much more.

Mothers experience prodigious mental and emotional changes as well. We grow to be so much more as we become mothers. We are protectors, teachers, caretakers, nurses, providers and counselors. As we take on these varying roles we have good days and bad. We have moments of triumph and guilt. Being a mom is an amazing emotional roller coaster.

All this change can be exciting and scary but know, as we know, that you are the perfect mom or your family. Allow yourself a moment in the change to recognize how much you accomplish and give to be the amazing mom that you are.

Courtney Bunn, Washington- Lifestyle and Mom Blogger

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